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Professional Tips For Home Decoration

Interior designers have many tricks to enhance the look of a room, and they use them very effectively to create a unique ambience. While they are not too keen on revealing the trade secrets, we have managed to compile a list of effective methods to get the most out of your décor, and if you are thinking of renovating a room in your house, here are a few tips that should help you create something uniquely attractive.

Choose your Wall Covering Last – Yes, it does sound back to front, as most people will start with two contrasting shades for the walls and build everything around that, but actually, leaving the wall colour choice until last, will allow you to pick the perfect shades. If you are going to use existing furniture, simply print colours onto A4 paper and you can stick them to the walls, which allows you to see how the shade will work with the surroundings. If the furniture is going to be new, then take the colours into account before you paint or wallpaper the room. Making a mistake with wall colouring isn’t something that can easily be remedied, and one should be sure prior to any purchases.

Hang Wall Art at the Right Height – Next time you visit an art gallery, you will notice that all the paintings are at eye height, which is typically 60 inches. Many people think wall murals for bedrooms, for example, should be evenly positioned between the floor and the ceiling, when in fact, eye height instantly draws the image to the observer. Even with a high ceiling, the same rule applies, and if you think it looks out of balance, remember that the room is designed for those who occupy it, and not for the structure itself.

Create a Focal Point – This might be a fireplace or perhaps a stylish wall mural, and with the right lighting, this will instantly be a focal point of the room, and with the right design and colours, the feature will enhance the overall look by giving in a centre point. Wall murals are an excellent way to add colour and depth, and if you have a large, blank wall, the mural will provide that extra dimension, as well as breaking up the overwhelming surface colour.

Correct Lighting – Lighting is often overlooked by the DIY enthusiast, but, as any interior designer will tell you, it is a very powerful tool, if used correctly. LED solutions really do empower you, and with unlimited shades and fine dimmer control, a combination of task and general lighting will make the room feel warm and cosy. One idea is to search for images online, and notice the lighting in all of the rooms, and try to see how the right balance of light and dark is created.

The Internet has changed the way we live, and if you really wanted to be familiar with interior design techniques, you could learn an awful lot in just a few hours. Once you know the principles, you can add your own creativity and maybe even surprise yourself.

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