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Making An Attic

No matter how big your house is, you’ll always need extra living space. Attics are a good way to get this extra living space without a big hassle or great refurbishments. But before making an attic you should follow some guidelines.

First you should consult a professional about the licenses and permits you need. Even it’s your own home, in many places you can’t make an attic of any height and width so, take a consultation before you start your works.

Adding a dormer is a good idea if you don’t have enough space in the attic. A dormer is a windowed structure protruding from the slope of the roof in order to give you more headroom space. There are many sizes so, take a good measurement and decide which one will be the best for your needs. It is very important you get energy efficient windows for the dormer because it is a place in direct contact with sun and a good choice in windows will save you a lot of money in monthly utility costs.

If you didn’t have an attic before, chances are the structure you have won’t support it. Adding supports may be necessary and you need a professional to do this. It’s not something you should DIY unless you are a qualified expert and you can meet the codes of the area you are living at.

Bear in mind the entry point of your attic. Actually, it is one of the first things you should plan before starting. Any stair needs a minimum room to be climbed safely and there may be codes in your area about this. If you have any doubt, consult a professional about that.

Organize it beforehand. Where do you want to put your furniture pieces? A well-designed interior saves a lot of room and make it more enjoyable and beautiful. Plan your interior very well and bear in mind the angle of your roof when you design furniture for it. An attic is a great place to store your stuff as long as it is not very heavy.

Consider a special product to provide you an emergency exit. When you make an attic you need means of escape in the event of an emergency and there are many of these products that can be purchased online. Sometimes you can’t just exit from the same staircase you came to.

Humidity is a problem in many attics and, if you don’t have means to control it before you start building flooring and walls you are likely to have big annoyances in the future. First thing you have to make sure your ceiling is installed correctly and you have the necessary barriers to prevent water from entering.

Temperature control may be a little bit tricky in the attic because of its location. One option is to extend your heating or air conditioning system to the attic but sometimes a portable unit is a better option. Heated flooring is very popular in attics but it may be difficult to install.

One of the key components of any attic space is the attic ventilation that is installed.

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