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How To Prepare Your Kitchen For Christmas

It’s now officially December which can only mean one thing, Christmas! With so many things to consider throughout the festive period, it can often feel like tasks and chores build up and are a nightmare to keep on top of. The festive season is one you should be able to enjoy, without worrying about the next job you need to undertake, and the best way to stay ahead and keep on top of each chore is to prepare your home for Christmas, starting now, and as one of the busiest, most used rooms in the home, the kitchen is the best place to start.

Start Your Cleaning

Whether you’re the host or simply seem to have a busy household a lot of the time, preparing your home for Christmas can seem slightly stressful. The best place to start is with your goals. Decide what you want to accomplish from your cleaning and create a strategy that will work for you and the rest of the household. It’s so much easier to split tasks up and separate them into sections, often choosing one time consuming task a day helps you to keep focused and not end up spending all of your free time cleaning the house.

De-clutter the Units

Sometimes it can seem as though your task list goes on for miles, but once you begin to tick off your list you often notice that some jobs roll into one and before you know it, you’re further ahead than you thought you were. De-cluttering the kitchen units is always the best place to start. When Christmas comes, you need as much space as you can get, so ensuring that your kitchen units are clean and tidy is essential. This will also make a huge difference to the overall feel of your kitchen, as clutter can often take away that warm and welcoming feel that you once had, and replace it with a room that feels busy and unsettled.

Freshen Up the Fridge

As the weeks go by, we often find ourselves pushing certain items to the back of the fridge as new pieces take pride of place at the front. It’s so easy for food to gather and end up passing it’s sell-by and this can build up to the point where your fridge seems full all of the time. It’s also a well-known habit for half-empty items to congregate in the side pockets of the fridge, and even when we know full well we won’t be reusing them, we leave them there just in case. Now is the perfect time to give your fridge a thorough clean out and throw away any items that have either gone off, or are simply not going to be used again. Once you’ve cleared up some space and given your fridge a good clean, you’ll have plenty of space to store all of the fabulous foods you’ll be stocking up on for the Christmas period!

Clean All Appliances

Cleaning your kitchen isn’t always a time-consuming job, as once you’ve cleaned certain items, you’ll probably find they don’t need cleaning again for a while. Your appliances are a perfect example of this. Whether it’s the microwave or the oven, once you’ve given them a thorough, deep clean, you often find they only need a wipe down every now and then. Now is the best time to give your oven, microwave and dishwasher a deep clean as it ensures your appliances are sparkling and ready for whatever you throw at them throughout Christmas. You don’t want to have to get out your marigolds and scrub the oven clean on Christmas Eve, so doing it now will make your Christmas period flow much smoother. Not only will this help your day-to-day routine really well, it will also create a fresh, clean feel to your kitchen that will lift the atmosphere beautifully.

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