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Using Patterns In Interior Design

Are you interested in DIY interior design? If you are, there’s a lot you need to know about modern design. These days, design can take so many forms, and people might have different tastes based on cultural preferences, and even personal styles depending on where you are in the world. Thus, your best options for designing your own home should always be what you want.

However, as someone who might not have a career in interior design, it never really hurts to get some insights from the experts, especially when it comes to new ideas. While there are a lot of different styles to go with in modern interior design, you can pick a style that you feel represents you and your personality in the best way possible.

Is Wallpaper Back?

For the last decade or so, countless homeowners have been ripping down old wallpaper in older homes all over the world. Wallpaper was very popular several decades ago, mainly because of the new ability to print detailed patterns on paper so much more easily than in the past, and partially because a lot of the modular furniture of the 1960s and 1970s allowed for these kind of complements on the walls.

So, now in 2016, something new is happening. People like patterns again, and instead of the plain solid-coloured walls of the last decade, people are either putting more things on their walls to accent the new modern furniture or are now using wallpaper.

However, patterns are different now than they used to be. Rather than stuffy colours and strange 1970s patterns, designs are cleaner and more sleek and complement modern furniture much better now. If you’re not sure what can go with modern wallpaper, you should check online for ideas or even look at a modern wallpaper website like in order to get inspired.

Other Opportunities to Do Patterns

While DIYers love finding new ways to renovate, sometimes it’s best to let the professionals pave the way and simply draw from them for inspiration. So what other types of patterns can you implement in your interior design? One way to move forward is to bring in carpets again. This doesn’t mean carpeting all of your floors if you prefer something like tile or even wood floors, but you could use rugs instead.

Rugs, similar to new wallpaper, can come in modern patterns. Whether you want something that looks Victorian or something more modern like flower print, you’ll be sure to find something you like if you want a rug that accents everything else in your room. As furniture becomes more solid-coloured, it gets easier to implement different patterns in each room. However, you should be careful about overloading your patterns. Too many patterns will cause eyestrain and you could risk clashing. Getting a rug in a room where there is no wallpaper, and getting wallpaper where there is no rug, can be a great way to create a balance between your patterns.

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