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Garage Door Sizes and Styles

Are you needing to make a change in your garage door? Whether it’s for cosmetic or mechanical reasons motivating the change, there’s plenty to consider. Take note so that you can be sure to choose the right style for your garage.

Carriage House

Carriage house garage doors are in that posh style that makes one reminiscent of high-end barns, stables, and the purity of the horse-and-carriage image. Carriage house garage doors are a great fit for the right type of house, depending on the overall aesthetic. It usually works well when more brick or stone styles, but the use of them just depends on the how the colors coordinate.

Flush Panels

The option for flush panel garage doors is better suited for the contemporary look, not the rustic. Flush panel garage doors are simplistic, with straight and crisp lines, in a uniform color that’s matched to the hues of your home. This garage door type usually comes with different insulation options, depending on what your home needs to best conserve energy.

Raised Panels

You can get a garage door with either short raised panels or long raised panels, depending on the kind of depth you’re trying to create in the door’s appearance. Short-raised panels will be subtler, and long more dramatic, in providing more dimension to your door. This type of garage door is, in general, a highly common choice that works with a range of home styles. It’s particularly well-suited for Tudor homes and Colonial-style homes—which abound in Virginia, after all!

Size and Style

If you aren’t sure about the comparative size of your garage door, according to what’s needed for a replacement and according to the style you’re considering, then it may be time to call a garage door professional to come and survey your garage. They can diagnose any current problems that you’re experience with your garage door, and give you suggestions on a new style and design that help best correct it.

Insulation—The Final Factor

New England knows it’s fair share of cold winters. As a result, it’s important to consider how the right amount of insulation will play into the design and cost of the garage door that you choose, to help you save money and energy throughout the year.

As you research garage doors in Chesapeake, VA, keep these different design options in mind while you search. Perhaps what you really want is something you haven’t considered before.

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