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2 Major Myths about Pressure Washing Your Home

Home pressure washing services advertise that they can clean homes of all sizes and materials. There are many benefits of having your home pressure washed. Unfortunately, there are some common myths that many homeowners believe, including warnings that pressure washing is bad for homes. These are the 2 most common myths and the truths behind them.

Myth #1: Pressure Washing Damages Homes

There are claims that pressure washing can chip the mortar between brick, bore holes in wood cladding, leave streak marks in vinyl siding, or even crack stucco and other home exterior materials.

Truth #1: Soft Pressure Washing Exists

The truth is that the homes that have been damaged due to pressure washing went wrong from the outset: A homeowner pressure washed their own home instead of relying on professional services. Pressure washers range in water pressure, sometimes going as high as 3000 psi (pounds of pressure per square inch). This excess force can certainly damage brick, wood, vinyl, and other home exterior materials. Using too strong of a stream can even chip paint. However, professional pressure washing services know how to modify their tools for a soft, safe stream, and apply water in a strategic pattern that cleans homes without damaging them. A good pressure washer company should ask about the material that makes up the exterior of your home and soft wash it accordingly.

Myth #2: Pressure Washing Is Only Cosmetic

Some people also believe that you should only hire pressure washing services when your home looks dirty. Pressure washing is only good for removing streaks of mud and dirt on homes.

Truth #2: Pressure Washing Keeps Homes Safe

Pressure washing doesn’t just superficially clean surfaces, it cleans away mildew and other fungal matter that can start to consume your home’s exterior. Also, pressure washing can prepare homes for repainting. Before you prime a surface, it should be cleaned of dirt, cobwebs, and other grime that will make the paint streak or look lumpy.

Better yet, you can pressure wash more than your home’s exterior. You can pressure wash concrete sidewalks and driveways, patio pavers, pool decks, and other surfaces that can develop mold, dirt, and other grime. Sure, there is a visual difference when you wash your surfaces, but hiring pressure washing services also keeps your surfaces safe. There are many reasons to hire pressure washing. Just remember not to do it yourself. A professional touch keeps your home safe from immediate damage due to unskilled washing, and it works to prevent grime and fungal matter from eating away at your home’s surfaces.

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