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Sales Climb When You Package Products in Molded Fiber

Your product is ready to ship. Orders are rolling in. There’s just one decision left to make. What type of packaging material will you use? Historically, the answer was simple, as packing peanuts seemed to have a monopoly on the industry. This is no longer true. In fact, there are so many options available it can be a real challenge to decide what’s the right answer for your company. Cost, quality, safety, and now, biodegradability, are factors to consider. Choose molded fiber packaging manufacturers and know you that both you, and your customer, will appreciate the environmental impact.

Your Consumer

Over330,000,000 people live in the United States today. In one of the fastest rising purchasing trends we’ve ever seen, nearly 70 percent, an estimated 231,000,000, regularly shop online. Moreover, their purchases aren’t limited to specialty items. Households buy paper towels and laundry soap through the internet. Much like a magazine subscription, vitamins, vacuum bags, and dishwasher pods auto-ship without any need to reorder. And, in the event you do manage to run out of a staple, simply click the button on a reorder device connected remotely to your account, and – ta-da, another case of your favorite gum is automatically on its way to you.

An Environmental Mentality

Your customer is primed not only for convenience, but now expects the companies they purchase from to offer free shipping and pack with environmentally friendly materials. As a business owner, this is a great deal of expectation to deliver and still turn a profit. Many of the lower cost packaging materials not only compromise the safety of your product in transit, but may cause an online shopper who is poised to click, “buy”, to keep looking.

When shoppers open their package, they’re looking for a material they can recycle, instead of adding to the exponentially growing landfills. There are many ways to recycle including: burning paper, composting, and bringing to a transfer station. Simply tossing packaging in the trash causes neighbors to raise judgmental eyebrows, every time.

Why Buy Molded Fiber?

Consider the millions of packages travelling overseas and across countries on a daily basis. shipping with molded fiber materials makes sense. It meets all your customers’ requirements. It’s safe for fragile items, cosmetically appealing, and 100 percent biodegradable.

Online shoppers like to know they are choosing environmentally friendly shipping options, without giving up the click-to-order convenience they are now accustomed to. Choose molded fiber packaging manufacturers and your company and watch your profits grow.

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