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Advantages of Packaging with Molded Paper Pulp

With the ever-increasing prevalence of damage to our environment visible everywhere we go, few things have the impact with consumers as a company’s packaging. The packaging is the most obvious and visible contribution to waste that a consumer will associate with the company that produces it. The type of package tells us everything we need to know about the people creating the product. Is it wasteful? Is it ugly? If the package is going to wind up in a landfill – or worse, in the ocean – it doesn’t speak well of the producers responsible. This is why using molded paper pulp packaging is the perfect option for your company.

The Best Choice for the Environment

Molded pulp packaging is made with 100% recycled materials. Whereas cardboard packaging is made from virgin wood, or Styrofoam, which is a petroleum product, molded pulp does not contribute to any additional trash being added to the planet. Also, as a recyclable product, it can return to service another product when you’re finished with it. In fact, the value of recycling bails can be as high as $200 per ton.

Very Safe and Easy to Use

If you’re moving a lot of product, you’ll want your packaging to be as simple and reliable as possible. Styrofoam can be very bulky, making nesting and denesting difficult. Also, static electricity can be a problem which can only be diminished by treating with even more chemicals. Molded pulp packaging is very easy to nest and denest, and by being static-neutral, no treatment is ever required and it’s perfect for packaging static-sensitive components and materials. Like Styrofoam, molded pulp comes pre-formed – as opposed to cardboard, which very often requires a complicated and time-consuming origami-like assembly.

Attractive Presentation

Molded paper pulp packaging is an appealing material. It doesn’t make a horrible spine-tingling squeaking sound like Styrofoam, nor does it leave little pieces of itself everywhere. And designed to your specifications, it can actually be incorporated as part of your product’s brand. Furthermore, not only is it environmentally friendly, it looks environmentally friendly. The mere fact that you’re packing your products with the obviously recycled and recyclable paper pulp, identifies your company as socially responsible, and can only assist with brand loyalty.

There are few choices more important to your business than the type of packaging you choose. For environmental, functional, and aesthetic reasons, molded paper pulp is an ideal packaging option.

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