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Choosing the Right Addiction Treatment Center

If you’re searching for the right program for long-term addiction treatment in Orange County, CA, you’ve discovered that there are many centers claiming to provide the best treatment. Fortunately, if you look for a few key elements in an addiction recovery program, you’re sure to find one that will ensure success in addiction recovery. Here’s what to look for.

Whole Individual Treatment

The first thing to look for in a treatment program is if the program’s goal is to treat the entire individual. This means the program recognizes that addiction is much more than a physical problem. The program should address the physical, spiritual, mental, and interpersonal health of each individual in treatment. It’s important to deal with any issues that are preventing the patient from functioning well in the world without the use of drugs or alcohol.

12-Step Programs

A quality addiction treatment program will incorporate a 12-step program like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or Narcotics Anonymous (NA). These 12-step programs have helped millions of people recover from their addictions and have proven their effectiveness over time. They help a recovering addict find the accountability and encouragement they need to continue their progress after leaving a treatment program. Providing these programs in a controlled environment increases the chances of long-term recovery in the real world.


Another vital component of addiction recovery is psychotherapy. These sessions should be conducted by a licensed therapist with experience in addiction recovery. These sessions are so important because they help uncover underlying issues and thinking patterns that could be causing a return to addictive behaviors. Uncovering these issues can help the therapist and client identify other coping strategies to prevent a relapse.

Physical Health Education

Since mental and physical health are closely related, a good recovery program will incorporate physical education and opportunities for physical activities. It’s important to educate recovering addicts on proper nutrition and to make the connection between physical activity and good emotional and mental health. Establishing good physical activity habits will definitely aid in long-term addiction recovery.

Vocational Training

Another important component of long-term addiction treatment in Orange County, CA, is to identify skills and interests that could aid in career success. Having a professional purpose is important in addiction recovery, so a good recovery program will provide aptitude testing as well as education to help find employment like resume writing and interview techniques.

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