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Signs That Your Garage Door Opener Needs Servicing

The garage door opener is a valuable convenience when it functions properly. It operates multiple times day at all hours and seasons, and ensures that you may exit your car safely without exposure to the elements.

This device allows the garage door to open and close dozens and even hundreds of times a year. But like any home appliance, it can malfunction or break down from continuous usage.

It is recommended that you seek out someone experienced in garage door opener repair in Newport News, VA, if there is a problem. You may want to watch out for these signs of potential trouble to determine if your garage door opener needs repair or replacement.

Warning Signs

The most obvious sign of trouble is the door will not open. The source of the problem could be as simple as a used battery in the remote control unit or a disconnected power cord. If this is the case, replace the battery and reconnect the power source to the garage opener.

It is possible that the door’s failure to open may be due to a mechanical problem. The garage door opener operates a series of pulleys, rollers, springs, hinges and cables. A stripped or worn gear in the unit will prevent the door from opening.

Another indicator is faulty operation of the door itself. It may stay stuck in the open position and fail to close properly. The door may close and then immediately reopen again due to a malfunctioning electric eye, a safety feature that prevents the door from accidentally closing on a person or object.

The door itself may delay opening for a few moments or even a few minutes. The opener may lack the power to open the door and operate slower than usual. Any one of these issues is a sure sign the opener is due for repair or replacement.

Bad Sounds

Yet another warning sign is an opener that makes a lot of noise. Older model, chain-operated garage door openers tend to be loud, but electric motors can get excessively noisy when they are nearing the end of their operation. They may be on the verge of malfunctioning or conking out. Grinding or slapping sounds are also an indication that there is an issue with the motor.

The typical garage door opener can operate effectively for about 10 to 15 years. When operating properly, it offers you a safe and secure means of access from your home. Garage doors are heavy and can cause damage or injury if the opening unit is not operating properly.

A professional repair service has the personnel to discuss options if you are looking for home garage door opener repair in Newport News, VA, or recommendations for steel garage doors. Experts can ensure that your garage doors operate efficiently and safely.

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