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Top Parking Lot Maintenance Tips

Curb appeal is incredibly essential for your office building and your parking lot is no exception. You want to make a good first impression on potential tenants and keep your current tenants happy. To keep your parking lot looking great, use the maintenance tips below.

Fix Cracks and Potholes

Cracks are a common sign of wear and tear in parking lots. It is best to repair any cracks and potholes in your lot before they become larger problems. Water can enter into even the smallest cracks, freeze, expand, and create even bigger breaks. Keep your eyes peeled for cracks so you can fill them with rubberized crack sealer as soon as they appear.

Sweep the Lot

When left on your asphalt, glass, small rocks, and other materials can grind into and wear down the surface. To prevent this, you should hire a professional company that handles street cleaning in San Francisco. They can sweep away any loose particles on the surface of the lot and keep it looking clean. Sweeping the parking lot regularly will boost curb appeal and increase the lifespan of the asphalt.

Repaint Stripes

If you notice the lines in your lot fading, be sure to repaint them. Clearly defined parking spots and fire lanes are very important to your building tenants. Plus, it will show potential tenants that you care about your building.

Watch for Runoff Stormwater

Heavy rain can lead stormwater, metals, oils, and sediments straight to your parking lot. Sweeping your lot after heavy precipitation can do a lot to remove these harmful materials. Additionally, you should make sure that the drainage system in your parking lot is functional. Otherwise, you could end up with a lot of flooding in addition to the harmful materials. Ensure the lot has proper drainage and that the drain is not clogged or blocked in any way.

Apply a Sealant

To protect your parking lot even more, consider applying a sealant to the surface. Though it may cost more upfront, you will save money in the long term and extend the life of your lot. It is a lot less expensive to put on a seal coat than it is to repair your asphalt again and again.

Maintaining your parking lot is a great way to keep your building clean and your tenants happy. By hiring street cleaning in San Francisco, filling potholes, and more, your parking lot will remain beautiful and functional for many years to come.

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