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Tips for Buying the Best Bedroom Furniture

A bedroom is more than just a place to sleep. Your bedroom is where you go to relax and unwind. It’s a place that should be created as a haven from the stress of a busy day, but often is put together to be not much more than a functional room. With a little planning, you can transform your bedroom into a place where you enjoy spending time. Here are few tips for purchasing bedroom furniture in Atlanta.

Measure First

Before shopping for bedroom furniture it’s critical to know the dimensions of the bedroom you plan to furnish. Room dimensions help determine the size of the furniture you purchase. This will also help you decide how many pieces will fit in your bedroom. Knowing what your room can accommodate before even looking at furniture may save a bit of heartache in the end. You don’t want to fall in love with that perfect piece and then discover it simply won’t fit in the room. Don’t forget to allow enough space for the size bed you want. For example, most people don’t realize how much space a king-size mattress occupies. If your heart is set on a king-size bed but you have a small bedroom, consider a queen mattress instead.

Discover Your Style

The bed typically reigns as the centerpiece of a bedroom but beyond that there are other furniture pieces and accessories that help to create your own style. Think about what makes you feel inspired when visiting friends’ homes or looking through home decor magazines. Do you prefer a particular design theme such as traditional, shabby chic, or modern? Would you rather have the pieces match, or is a little chaos acceptable? Some people really like a design that pulls in elements from multiple styles. Also think about colors. A dark bedroom set complements a light bedroom. A light set looks great in a darker room. When thinking about style, consider about your daily rituals. Do you read in bed before going to sleep? Maybe you like to read through e-mails or check the news online in the morning before you officially start your day. If so, you’ll want a small desk or nightstand to hold a reading lamp and maybe even your tablet or other reading material. You have many options when choosing bedroom furniture in Atlanta. If determining a style feels overwhelming, use social media sites or blogs that focus on interior design.

Is Your Bedroom Fancy or Functional?

Once you decide what style fits you best, think about how you hope your bedroom will work for you and your lifestyle. You might have a special collection you’d like to display in your bedroom. If you’re an avid reader, consider a bookshelf to keep your favorite books handy. If you prefer to store jewelry out of sight rather than on a dresser, or would rather keep books and other reading material out of the way, then you’ll want to look for pieces that allow your bedroom to be more functional than fun. That doesn’t mean the room can’t be comfortable and inviting. Visit a store that specializes in selling bedroom furniture in Atlanta for help choosing your new look. Find ways to incorporate your personality into your bedroom decor and look for furnishings that make you feel at home.

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