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Common Garage Door Repairs

Homeowners regularly expect their garage doors to open and close as they should, but that’s not always the case. At some point, garage doors can fail and require repairs. Here are a few common garage door repairs that you as a homeowner should keep an eye out for, so you can keep both your home and car well protected.

Garage Door Sticks Closed or Open

At some point, the garage door can develop a few issues, one of these being the door sticking closed or open. This could be due to a number of problems, but it’s most likely because the tracks aren’t well lubricated. However, you should first check for any obstructions in the garage door’s path that could be blocking it from opening or closing properly. Also, consider the type of weather it is outside since that can affect the track lubricant from doing its job. If you notice the garage door sticking regularly, you should be using more of a heavy-duty track lubricant. Additionally, you should also check on the springs and cables to ensure that they’re functioning as they should.

Garage Door Moves Unevenly

If you notice the garage door moving unevenly, you should check for any debris on the track that could stop the wheels from running evenly. Clear these obstructions from causing further damage to the garage door. However, if that’s not the problem and the garage door opens automatically, ensure that the motors are fully working. If that’s the problem, contact the garage company to purchase a replacement.

Loud Noises When Operating

If you notice loud noises, such as grinding, squealing, or screeching emitting from the garage door, there may be debris on the track or a serious lack of lubrication. Make sure to clean the track entirely and lubricate the wheels and track to ensure the garage door can open and close effectively. You can use either oil or WD-40 to lubricate the tracks, door, and other hardware. However, if this doesn’t fix the problem, consider getting the garage door repaired and serviced in Newport News, VA.

Garage Door Falls Quickly When Lowering

If the garage door is falling quickly when lowering it, this can end up being a serious problem for you, your car, and your family. Usually, the problem is a broken cable or loose springs, which can be fixed by a professional. Once the garage door is closed, inspect all the parts of the mechanics to determine what the problem is. It’s important that you don’t try fixing the problem by yourself and instead hire a garage door repair and service repairman in Newport News, VA.

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