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How to Select the Best Bend, Oregon Neighborhoods

When traveling to the Bend, Oregon region, there are a range of sights, educational opportunities, employment and recreation that people can take part in. Bend has quiet neighborhoods and hipster areas and everything else in-between.

When it comes to finding the best neighborhoods, this opinion is always left to the house hunter. What you consider to be the best neighborhood in Bend won’t be the same opinion for another person who wants to move to the area based on their own preferences. They may believe that the best Bend neighborhood has great schools, while you think that the best Bend neighborhood has fantastic shopping and recreational opportunities.

How to Select the Best Bend Neighborhood

Think about all the things that the neighborhood needs to appeal to your lifestyle. Is it near schools or work? Does the neighborhood have a great walkability score? Your dream neighborhood may be close to open spaces, parks and walking trails, or it may be within easy driving distance to outdoor recreations such as state parks and mountain trail adventures.

What Additional Features Do You Desire?

There are some neighborhoods that have large lots and a more rural mindset. Or you may be looking for a smaller space but close to shopping centers, farmers’ markets and art districts. Consider the atmosphere and mood of the neighborhood during the day and the night. You may consider that a great Bend neighborhood has a jumping night life that gets very active in the evenings and weekends where you can drink craft beers at the bars and go dancing in the clubs.

Select the Neighborhood that is Right for You

While it is easy to specifically list neighborhoods that have a lot of people moving into it, that doesn’t mean that other areas with slow growth are not great neighborhoods. There can be places that are more perfect for families and college students while other neighborhoods cater more toward seniors and couples without kids. So always look for a neighborhood that is perfect for your preferences and lifestyle, as you can turn it into the best neighborhood to be in.

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