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Solve 4 Common Lawn Care Problems

A beautiful lawn is and always has been a staple of any beautiful home. If you want to be the proud owner of a handsome residence, then you need to have a neat, green, and thick lawn.

However, attaining a healthy lawn isn’t always as simple as watering your grass. Sometimes, common problems can plague your lawn, making your entire property look unappealing, even if the structure of the house and the trees on it are appealing. Take care to hire lawn care services in Atlanta to address the 4 following common lawn problems.

Poor Sunlight

Grass won’t grow without access to full sun. Sunlight, water, and soil are staples of a healthy, green lawn. If you have patchy areas that don’t have access to full sun, including grass along a fence or under a tree, then hire professional lawn care services. They can either plant low-light grass or prune your trees for better sunlight access.


Weeds like crabgrass and sunflowers are pesky plants that can grow extremely quickly, overtaking your lawn and stealing nutrients from your grass, making it appear dull. Crabgrass growth can even lead to soil erosion. Lawn care experts can help you maintain a clean lawn free of weeds, even without dangerous herbicides. Sometimes, it just takes a good lawn care strategy to deter weed growth.

Thin Grass

Does your grass look sparse or patchy? This is a sign that your grass is unhealthy underneath the soil. However, this doesn’t mean that you should simply apply any storebought fertilizer to your grass. There are many causes of thin grass, including acidic soil or even pests. It takes a true lawn care professional to diagnose your grass and treat it appropriately.


Grubs, or the larvae of plant-eating beetles, can cause dead spots in your lawn where grass refuses to grow, even with the usual formula of water, sunlight, and healthy soil. Grubs can even kill other plants in your lawn, like your shrubs and flowers. Worse, grubs can attract pests that hunt for these meaty insects, including moles and raccoons. While a small amount of grubs is part of a healthy, diverse ecosystem, you shouldn’t be able to see grubs in the grass, or experience a stubborn lawn that can’t keep up with its larvae population.

Professional lawn care services in Atlanta can treat these 4 signs of an unhealthy, ugly, or dying lawn. Contact lawn care experts today for better, neater grass tomorrow.

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