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7 Tips to Design an Open Concept Living Room

Moving into a new home can be an exciting step in your life. However, that leaves you with the important step of decorating every room. This can be a stressful process, especially because every decision can feel somewhat permanent. A great way to start decorating is to find attractive living room sets from Atlanta showrooms, including seating, coffee tables, and more.

An open concept living room, in particular, is one of the most difficult parts of a new home to plan. What are you supposed to do with all that open space? What if it’s too cramped or awkwardly spaced out to feel comfortable? Before you start shopping for living room sets, you should follow these 7 tips.

  1. Open concept homes are designed to look more spacious than they actually are. That means that you shouldn’t feel intimidated by the space. There’s probably less than you think. Start by measuring the dimensions of the room to get an idea of what will actually fit in there.
  2. Figure out the basics. Every living room needs at least one of the following: sofa, media center, coffee or cocktail table, and accent chair or second sofa.
  3. Buy the larger pieces first. Start with the sofa and media center. It’s much easier to design the room once you position these necessities in it. Space them out appropriately, and then use this formation to determine what else you need.
  4. Create separation from the other spaces that are visible from the living room. While there may not be a wall between the living room and dining room, you can use furniture or art to define each individual space. If you point furniture away away from other open spaces, you’ll imply separation.
  5. Use rugs to add to a feeling of separation. Unite the entire living space around a single rug, and it’ll feel cohesive. You can use rugs to unify other spaces as well, including the adjacent den, breakfast nook, or study.
  6. Shop for high-quality furniture. Good furniture is eye-catching, even in open spaces. Visit local outlets or shop online with companies that feature living room sets, bedroom sets, and accessories, so that you find everything you need to furnish the living room.
  7. In order to make an open living room feel comfortable, all of its components should match. The best way to achieve this is to shop for inclusive living room sets in Atlanta, with matching tables and seating for a comfortably cohesive design.

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