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The Costs of an In-Ground Pool

What could be better than relaxing by your in-ground pool on a summer day? Before you go calling pool builders in Woodstock, however, you should consider just how much it will cost to install and maintain your pool. By planning in advance, you can create a reasonable budget and savings plan for your pool installation. Learn more about all the factors that contribute to your overall pool costs.

Installation Costs

The price of an in-ground pool can vary depending on a number of factors, including the complexity of the design. Other factors will also have an impact you’re your installation costs including:

  • Where You Live: The cost of living in your area will impact the price of materials, labor, and your pool overall. For example, building a pool in an expensive metropolitan area is more expensive than building in a rural area.
  • Size and Pool Site: The size and placement of your pool will also come into play. A larger or deeper pool will cost more than a smaller or shallower one because it requires more materials and time to build. You should also consider the land where you plan to build your pool. Issues with the soil, limited space for excavating tools, and leveling can all increase your expenses.
  • Shape, Type, and Features: Custom shaped pools and extra features, like a hot tub or water feature, will also increase your total costs. There are also different types of pools which all cost different prices to install and maintain. You must decide between a vinyl, fiberglass, concrete, and gunite pool.
  • Permits: Before you can begin construction on your property, you will need to obtain the proper permits. You might also need to pay an inspector to find potential sewer or utility lines before the pool builder can start digging.
  • Decks and Fences: Most homeowners choose to install a deck around the pool, usually made of concrete. The fancier your deck is, the more it will cost. You may also need fencing when you purchase an in-ground pool. Many areas have laws in place that require swimming pool owners to install fencing for safety purposes.

Maintenance and Owners Costs

Even after hiring pool builders in Woodstock, your pool will come with regular maintenance and other ongoing expenses. These include insurance hikes, increased property taxes, higher electric bills, and cleaning costs. Owning a pool is never cheap, but it is a worthwhile expense for the joy and convenience of having a swimming pool in your yard.

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