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Bend Home Market Trends: Realtors Flocking to the Area

The Bend, Oregon market is going along at an interesting rate. Home inventory is down while causing sellers’ house prices to skyrocket. Realtors are coming to the area in the hopes of helping people find a place of their dreams while making a nice commission to boot. With the spring fast approaching, many sellers will soon be fixing up their homes to place them on the MLS, as bidding wars could spring up with buyers jumping on whatever available homes fall into their home-buying budgets.

Making the Most Out of Your Relationship with a Realtor

With the influx of new realtors, you want to make sure that you are working with someone who can find you the perfect place to live while aggressively working to outbid all the other buyers. So select a real estate professionally that understands the current Bend, Oregon home market, the comps of each particular neighborhood, and the features around the location that can have an impact on whether the home is right for you.

Always ask questions about the realtor regarding their experience, knowledge and previous home sales. You want someone who has the time to work with you to buy or sell a house. You don’t want to select a realtor who has so many clients that they simply can’t put in enough work to help you find the right place.

Get Help Finding the Next Bend Property Opportunity

Since the Bend home market is heating up with tons of buyers yet fewer homes available for sale, it can be hard locating the right place. As new realtors move into the area, you want to hire the real estate professional who can put your needs first and find the house that will be perfect for your needs.

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