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5 Reasons to Use a CO2 Gas Monitor

The air quality of your business is important to you. The people who work there need to know that their health is your primary concern. That’s why preventative efforts – like monitoring for hazardous gases such as CO2 – are important steps to take to insure your employees’ health. Here are a few reasons a co2 gas monitor is so important.

1. CO2 Is Deadly

Carbon dioxide is around every day, so we forget its harmful effects. In the atmosphere, CO2 has a concentration of approximately 400ppm. In concentrations so small, it’s harmless to humans. But if something were to occur and the concentration were to increase 20,000ppm and above, there could be severe consequences up to and including death.

2. CO2 Can Harm Productivity

Elevated levels of CO2 to around 1,000ppm has been found to lead to sluggish behavior. It can harm the ability to retain information, and can cause headaches and dizziness. If you or your employees report feelings of lethargy or tiredness, it’s possible that an unhealthy amount of CO2 in the air is the culprit.

3. Poor Ventilation Can Increase CO2

If there’s a problem with ventilation in a room, the amount of CO2 within that room can increase dramatically. You may not know ventilation is even a problem, but if several people are gathered together in a poorly ventilated room, the working conditions can be hazardous surprisingly quickly. A CO2 gas detector is specifically designed to recognize this, so you can fix the problem before it becomes dangerous.

4. Some Locations are Particularly Vulnerable to CO2

Spaces that routinely crowded can lead to higher CO2 concentrations. Also some workplaces where CO2 cylinders are present such as hospitals, laboratories and even bars, and clubs could benefit from a well-placed CO2 gas monitor in the interests of worker and customer safety.

5. Energy Efficiency

If there are elevated readings of CO2 that means there is something wrong with the building’s ventilation. Being made aware of this is the best way to make adjustments, leading to a better and more energy efficient work environment. Only by measuring the CO2 can you get a fair reading of the amount of occupants are in a room, and when, so your ventilation can be adjusted accordingly.

The use of a CO2 gas monitor is the most effective way to protect your work environment from the deleterious effects of elevated levels of CO2.

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