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Basics of Molded Fiber Packaging Material

There are many packaging options available for industries worldwide, however, most industries are moving to eco-friendly packaging materials, which are also cost-efficient. Molded fiber serves as an excellent eco-friendly packaging option for various industries. To know more about how molded fiber can address your packaging needs, get in touch with molded fiber packaging manufacturers. This article discusses the fundamentals of molded fiber as a packaging material.

Benefits of Molded Fiber Packaging

The biggest advantage of molded fiber packaging is that it is made from 100% recyclable products such as newspaper and cardboard, making it an environmentally friendly and sustainable packaging option. Most retailers and manufacturing companies want to eliminate their non-biodegradable waste and want their consumers be aware that they are using sustainable packaging. Molded fiber can be customized to suit your packaging needs, including making it strong enough to handle fragile goods such as wine bottles. Molded fiber increases the shelf life of products and can be shaped to form attractive packaging for your products.

Top Uses of Molded Fiber Packaging
Molded fiber has been traditionally used to pack and transport foods such as eggs and fruits, however, with the evolution of manufacturing technology, molded fiber now has improved strength, malleability, and design. Molded fiber packaging is widely used in the food industry to transport eggs, fresh produce, and as serving trays and cups. Molded fiber packaging is gaining popularity as packaging material in the electronics industry and is used to box cell-phones, batteries, etc.

Molded Fiber Types
There are many types of molded fiber and each one has its own unique properties. Heavy wall or thick wall molded fiber is made of inexpensive materials and does not include strong reinforcements, mainly used as packaging support. Transfer molded fiber packaging products are highly robust and have a smooth surface on both sides, making them ideal packaging material for delicate items such as electronics, cell-phones, TVs, or food items such as eggs. Thermoformed molded fiber is the latest innovation in the field of molded fiber, possessing high-quality appearance with sturdy packaging features.

With retailers and manufactures looking for innovative and eco-friendly packaging options, molded fiber is a popular choice. Molded fiber packaging manufacturers can provide you with details and custom designs to best address the needs of your business. Shop around to find a manufacturer that provides custom fiber molded packaging solutions, most suited for your business.

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