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Common Types Of Plumbing Problems Handled By A Professional Plumber

Plumbing is one of the essential requirements in every household. Where minor plumbing services need less effort and equipment, for major plumbing repair tasks, you would need assistance of a professional plumber. To get timely help from a professional plumber, you need to know when to call them. There are a few plumbing issues where a professional assistance is necessary.

Plumbing Maintenance

Regular maintenance is one of the effective ways by which a house owner can prevent expensive repairs. An elaborate examination of your home will help in catching small issues before they take a big form. Hidden leakage beneath water heaters or in sink drains can cause structural damage.

Water that sinks inside plaster or sheetrock results in mold growth. Porous tile or wood flooring when gets wet can cause discoloration or warp. Smyrna GA is a popular place in Georgia, US where you can find highly experienced plumber repair companies. Plumbing repair in Smyrna GA provides an in-depth analysis and thorough assessment that comprise of lead testing, remote video examination of pipes, and inspection of filter system.

What will a professional inspection include?

Professional quality inspections from certified plumbing repair firms look at all the different aspects of drains and pipes at home. These trained professionals will evaluate the condition of garbage disposal, water heater, and every region of the plumbing system of your house. Their repair tasks include:

  • Drain treatment to improve flow rate
  • Cleaning of water heaters and garbage disposals
  • Pressure tests to identify hairline leaks
  • Water pressure adjustment and assessment

Common Plumbing Repair Tasks

Dripping Faucets

A dripping faucet can lead to huge wastage of water and exorbitant water bill. Silicone or rubber-based washers prevent water from flowing out of the outlet and through the pipes. With time, washers can get torn, stiff or dislodged. This leads to an annoying drip. Though replacement of washers can be done on your own, the repair task can be quite challenging without use of specialized tools. So, this implies that you definitely need a professional for the repair.

Leaky Pipes

Leaks can cause a lot of nuisance at a place. It mostly happens at joints. This is the reason, why fitting compounds and commercial joint fillers occupy large shelf space in the local hardware store. All these products are just a temporary fix. For permanent plumbing repair, you would need replacement of fittings and pipe.

Slow or clogged drains

Partial or full clog are identified when the water that flows into the sink doesn’t go out. A trusty plunger could be a fix to this problem. They help in dislodging a clog by using air pressure. Commercial clog removers and drain cleaners are completely safe for most of the drains for seldom use.

These devices contain caustic materials that can lead to damage in pipe materials when used often. So, if you are regularly working with clogs, then you must call a professional.


Trying to repair these issues on your own can eventually turn into bigger problems in the future. To avoid inconvenience and hefty repair expenses in future, it is advised to seek professional help.

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