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Light Up Your Outdoor Space With LED Lighting Solutions And Gain Its Ultimate Benefits!

LED (Light Emitting Diodes) lights are basically the devices that provide light when the electricity passes through them. They are growing in great popularity and definitely for good reasons! In fact, they are believed to be evolving lighting technologies and most energy efficient than other options especially with their unique design and small size.

Before embracing any new technology, understanding its basics will always pay you off in the long run. When going for LED lighting installations too, knowing what is exactly behind this amazing technology and what benefits it can offer will really be helpful to you. So, read on and get informed!

Energy efficiency

LED light bulbs can be beneficial in many different aspects. Choosing them for your outdoor space lighting is the smartest decision you can ever make. For the beginners, average efficiency of LED bulb is about 78 lm per w (lumens per watt).

LEDs have usually lower voltages but they emit almost same light output that allows them to generate same amount of the light by using relatively less energy. Moreover, they have longer lifespan than the other bulbs. While incandescent have expected lifetime or around 750-2000 hours, LEDs have expected life of around 20,000-50,000 hours. Isn’t it a big difference?


LED outdoor lights can be much more durable than traditional light bulbs that can be easily dropped or shaken. They are safe as well as compared to the other such lighting options due to the thermal control. It prevents combustion risk or burnt fingers.

Plus, the feature of thermal control means that the bugs are very less likely to be attracted since they are more drawn to heat as well as wavelength of the incandescent lights. LEDs make use of different wavelengths that discourages bugs! The following are some of the other important reasons why LED lights can be best for lighting up your outdoor living spaces!

Why modernize your lighting design with LED lighting solutions?

  • Versatility – LEDs come in smaller size, so it means high light output and low maintenance. LEDs can also be used in many different applications that traditional lighting sources might not be used.
  • Green choice – While we already know the fact that LED lights consume less energy, they are free of mercury as well giving much less carbon dioxide output. They don’t produce Ultra Violet rays and you will also not have annual waste by replacing bulbs.
  • Safe – Low voltage LED generate very little outward heat as compared to the other light sources. It makes LED landscape lights much safer to use.
  • Focus – Solid package of LED is specifically designed to focus on its light. On the other hand, traditional halogen sources need an external reflector often to collect light and redirect it in proper manner.
  • No bulbs to be changed – Using integrated LED fixture make you free from worrying about your bulbs going out.

You just need to invest in professional outdoor lighting installation Company will offer you quality results. Plus, it can save your money and frustration too!

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