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Less Known Facts About Home Birth Revealed

These days, more and more women are choosing opting for home birthing option. This decision is based on several factors like more holistic personalized care and low intervention rates. Home birth is still misunderstood with stereotypes like chanting midwives etc. The actual story differs from these clichés.

Home birth facts are still less known, so let’s understand the process and experience.

Midwives carry medical supplies

Today, you can hire certified professional midwives, who are equipped with expertise, training and necessary tools. For emergencies, the midwives standard of care includes medication like oxytocin and Pitocin for hemorrhage and even oxygen, IVs, and monitoring equipment to record vitals and first aid tools. Mother To Mother Midwifery services have trained midwives with skills to administer medications to new born like eye ointment and even suture.

Insurance may cover home birth

Usually, home birth is significantly cheaper than hospital birth or birth centers. Many families cannot get insurance coverage on home birth because rules related to midwifery coverage is complicated. It differs from one state to another. This does not essentially mean you need to pay upfront for home birth because certified and licensed midwives are approved by several insurance companies. Therefore, check your state rules and insurance provider for midwifery coverage.

Home birth is not messy

Many families are interested but can hesitate because of the mess like bloody sheets. Some partners panic with the idea of oodles of amniotic fluid all over their new couch. Certainly, home birth process involves clean up, but the midwives will arrive and make arrangements like using plastic on the beds and organizing medical supplies, tools, and comfort items nearby. They are prepared, when mom is ready to give birth. After birth the midwife service cleans up and does the laundry. Your house will be neat and tidy like before.

Every hospital transfer is not an emergency

If you planned homebirth, it can turn into hospital birth. It is not always due to sudden emergency, but can be due to prolonged labor without progress or water is broken for lengthy period. Certainly, there can be emergency conditions, so it is crucial to have safe hospital nearby in case the mother needs more medical care.

No need to have water bath

Home birth makes you imagine a woman squatted in an inflatable pool [in bedroom or living room] trying to push the baby inside the water. Water births are nice options but it is not necessary. Home birth offers the convenience to give birth to your baby in familiar environment, wherever it is comfortable – in a bathtub, bed, or couch.

Extensive postpartum care

Home birth care after delivery is very different from hospital system. In the hospital, you need to stay for a couple of days and schedule 6-week visit to get green signal to enjoy sex again. With midwives, your postnatal care will be frequent and detailed. Midwives differ in their postnatal practice. Some visit several times in the first week to help the mother heal, nurse and transit into motherhood. This kind of personalized prenatal care makes a huge difference for transition into new parenthood.

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