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Selecting the Right Insulated Garage Door for You

Are your garage doors insulated? Have you even considered it? Many people haven’t. But the reasons to have insulated garage doors in Newport News, Virginia are several.

It’s awfully cold in the winter and hot and humid in the summer, so whether your garage is attached or detached, having garage doors that are insulated is a big benefit. Insulated doors will improve efficiency and cut down on air seeping out, driving those utility bills higher, especially in the winter. And if the garage is attached, the garage usually becomes the primary entrance into your home, Naturally, you want to keep the garage as warm or cool as possible, depending on the time of year, so you don’t feel a cold draft or burst of heat every time someone enters the home or leaves to go somewhere.

Things to Think About

When you’re shopping for garage doors in Newport News, Virginia, there are several things to consider.

  • How much do you want to spend? The answer may limit what you’re able to get. Things like the type of material used, the amount and kind of insulation being used, the style you select, whether you want a certain brand name, and what kind of curb appeal you want your garage doors to have all influence the price.
  • What material your garage doors are made of will make a difference as to how it looks, how long it will likely last and how much maintenance you may have to do each year. The materials you can choose from are vinyl, wood, aluminum and stainless steel. Steel will undoubtedly cost you the most but be maintenance-free for you. Wood, aluminum and vinyl are all affected by weather conditions and can take a beating, especially along coastal states where Nor’easters and hurricanes are common.
  • Pick insulation with an R-Values of 9.05 and higher. Keep in mind, you’re not just giving your energy bill a break, but cutting down on street noise, as well, something very important, especially for garages that are attached.
  • There are three main styles of garage doors: Carriage House, Modern, and Traditional. Each one offers a curb appeal of its own; it’s really about your own style and preference. The same is true for the hardware you select. There are many more options today than in years past. Today’s hardware is decorative and offers its own kind of appeal. Again, what you pick is more about personal preference than anything else. You also can get windows in the garage doors or simply have a solid door. You have a wide variety of choices for insulated garage doors in Newport News, Virginia. Choose wisely.

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