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A Complete Guide to Maintaining Your Landscape Pond in The Most Effective Way!

Maintaining backyard pond is sometimes more challenging task than constructing it. In fact, once the construction work is completed, pond maintenance must start immediately. If you are really serious about your garden and want to keep it healthy round the year, you need to take care of it properly. Failing to maintain your pond may make it an unhealthy and ugly structure in the end.

Moreover, pond maintenance at regular intervals is good even for aquatic life. All you need is to take care of your own structure and you can enjoy amazing ecosystem! If you are wondering how you can maintain your backyard landscape pond in the best way, this article is just for you. Read on know the best practices for it!

Ensure to clean your pond well regularly

It is quite common for garden ponds to accumulate debris and dirt over time. Leaves can be main threat since they release toxic gases while decaying and may destroy ecological balance. So, keep reservoir clean. You can even use skimmer net for collecting and removing leaves and other such debris. You can visit to buy different kinds of pond equipment for maintaining your landscape pond.

Let the water plants grow

Early summer is one of the best times for introducing newer plants since water is relatively quite warm and is capable for supporting quick plant growth. Some of the plants’ categories you can grow may include lilies, oxygenators, marshes, floaters, marginals, and so forth.

You can even boost growth of plants with an appropriate fertilizer that you can apply for around every 5 weeks. It must be remembered here that some of the aquatic animals consume plants as their food, so make sure to keep them healthy always. Always avoid using inorganic pesticides or toxic fertilizers.

Control the growth of algae

Algae are quite beneficial in garden pond, but they can cause great issue if they are grown excessively. Since they are source of food for aquatic animals, they shouldn’t be removed completely. There are natural as well as artificial methods by which you can control these micro plants. You can go for any of them depending on your suitability.

Maintain correct level of water and Temperature

The pond’s water level can drop quickly in the hot weather and it might make aquatic animals experience lack of enough oxygen. In case you ever notice reduction in level of water, make sure to top up pond with the clean water. You must prevent from using tap water since it contains lot of solutes and even encourages additional growth of algae.

Just like water level, correct water temperature too must be maintained. For instance, if ice forms on pond surface during winter, it can greatly lower the temperature of water. At such times, the use of heating system is recommended to create optimum temperature. On the other hand, you can spray or sprinkle cold water in summer to prevent the water temperature to reach too high!

So, taking care of aquatic life and maintaining backyard pond can require a bit of work. The above guide will surely help you in taking good care of your landscape pond too!

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