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Buying Guide – How To Select The Perfect Nursing Chair

A dedicated nursing chair is very essential when you are breastfeeding your baby. It provides a supportive and comfortable seat that offers good posture to the nursing mother. A nursing chair gives proper support to her arms, neck and back. If you want to buy one, then you must know its beneficial features and specifications before approaching a vendor.

Try it out by yourself

Trying several different types of chairs at a shop will not be possible for you. You should favor 1 or 2 popular brands and try different types of models till you find the one that suits your size and gives you the best comfort. Teddy One is one of the popular sellers of best quality nursing chairs in varying sizes, brands and models.

The different types of chairs

  • Rocking

This is a traditional kind of rocking chair that offers a restful and comfortable motion chair for you as well your baby. Mostly this type of chairs are made of wood, which make them hard, and uncomfortable.

  • Gliding

Glider nursery chairs have been the first choice for new mothers. There are several reasons to it. These chairs move backward and forward in place of a rocking motion. They have a relaxing and smooth mechanism.

A gliding chair offers a smooth and quiet rhythm of rocking feature. They are also easy and comfortable to come out and get in while carrying a baby in your arms. Most of the gliders come with covered and padded armrests that aids in relieving arm pain while bottle feeding or nursing a baby.

  • Static

This chair provides a normal padded armchair for breastfeeding your baby.

List of desirable features that must be present in a nursing chair

  • Better quality fabric that lasts for a long time and easy to clean
  • Should have removable and washable covers
  • Supportive and firm cushion pads for providing rest to your neck, back, and arms
  • Generous seat
  • Recline positions
  • Gliding motion or lockable rocking


  • When buying a nursing chair, it is often suggested to select one that is covered using neutral and stain resistant fabrics that blends effectively with other regions of your home.
  • It should be easy and comfortable to get in and come out of it.
  • There has to be no exposed hardware or sharp points on the chair. Not just the upper surface, you should also check the below surface of the chair. A thorough checking in this manner will ensure safety even when your baby starts to crawl on the floor.
  • Newly introduced models of nursing chairs have inbuilt safety locks in them that prevent them from rocking.
  • Newer chair models come with lumbar support that is best for new moms who mostly suffer from back pain.


Decorating your nursery can come off as an exhilarating experience that mentally prepares a “would be mother” for the arrival of baby. This is the valuable and precious time in the life of a child. You should make proper planning to reap maximum advantage of such intimate moments in every possible way. A perfect nursery chair can assist you in accomplishing this goal.

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