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Common Problems You May Face With Your Boiler

Dealing with a damaged boiler at the middle of the night can prove to be a great headache. Having your boiler repaired at the last moment can certainly be costly. If your boiler breaks down in the winter season, it could prove to be a great problem as you won’t have any hot water. Also, majority of the boilers breakdown happens during the winter season. Therefore, it could prove to be a huge problem for you.

You must be aware of the common problems that you may face with your boiler. If you deal with a boiler damage problem in East London, Romford emergency plumber is the place where you want to be in. it provides you with the best boiler repair in Romford. It has a good experienced staff that can solve any of your problems and gets your boiler right in an instant. Here are some common problems which might lead to the boiler break down at your house.

No hot water or heat

The main cause for hot water not being generated could be broken airlocks or diaphragm or any issue with low level of water or the thermostat. Boiler pressure is one of the common cause for the boiler’s inability to work. The boiler generates a pressure which creates a vacuum inside the boiler and hence it is not able to heat up the water.

Dripping and leaking

There are many reasons due to which the water may leak from your boiler. Make sure that you never try and fix a leaking boiler by yourself, you must call an engineer who can assist you in it. The most frequent cause of leaking would be a problem with any internal component of the boiler. It could be a pressure valve or a broken pump seal. If the leak is in the pressure valve, the high pressure of the boiler might be the reason for the leak.

Losing pressure

If the pressure of the boiler drops low, the central heating of the boiler might not be working properly. To check the level of pressure of the boiler, have a look at the pressure gauge inside it. If the pressure in it is below 1, there might be some problem with it.

Frozen pipe of condensation

Boilers come with a condensate pipe which is used to transport acidic water away from it. This acidic water generally runs into a drain nearby, and because of it has the danger of freezing of the pipe. The location of the pipes is below the boiler. If there is an issue with the pipe, your boiler would indicate it with a warning notification or a fault code which would be the signal to change the pipe and get it replaced.

Issue with the thermostat

It is possible that the thermostat of the boiler may lose its accuracy. You must check that the thermostat is in its position and the schedule and the time is set right on it. The thermostat might also have been malfunctioned, so I the other two methods do not work, you might have to get it replaced.


Boiler is an important component of your housing, especially during winters. Therefore, it is necessary that you keep the boiler in a good condition and have knowledge about the various problems associated with it, so that you may be able to get it right, if necessary.

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