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Notify Your City When You Repair a Water Line

Arriving Home

Picture this: you’ve arrived home from work to your well-appointed Abbotts Walk subdivision home in Johns Creek, Georgia. Your Ford F-150 is full of new shrubbery you’ve just purchased at the local home improvement store, and it’s time to unload all these plants so you can get them in the ground tomorrow. That should be no problem: you just have to pull across the front lawn to access the backyard gate.

Pulling across the Lawn

As you ease onto the verdant expanse of perfectly-manicured grass, you hear a dull crack beneath the truck’s rear wheels. “What could that possibly have been?” you ask yourself. Unconcerned, you momentarily forget about the strange noise as you open the gate and pull into the backyard. You unload the plants and exit the backyard only to find that a 10-foot geyser has erupted in the middle of your front yard. Panic sets in as you realize that you ran over and cracked the tap running from the city water main to your home. You run into the house and yell to your wife to find water line repair in Johns Creek, Ga.

The Damage

When you’re under the gun and have to find someone who can work on a dire situation like this one, there are a few things you should be aware of before choosing a repair service. First, make sure you find someone who knows how to obtain the proper authorization before digging for a water line. You may have to let the city know what has happened before you dig. Also, make sure to choose a repair company that has good ratings on their Facebook page or on a search engine. People are likely to comment if they’ve had experience on one end of the spectrum or the other, so pay attention to what they’ve taken the time to say. It’s imperative, no matter what, that this problem is fixed properly. Obviously, you can’t live with a 10-foot geyser shooting up in the middle of your lawn, but you have to find someone who can do the job affordably for you and who will also do it right so the repair will last and not spring a leak later on.

The Repair

Finally, when looking for water line repair in Johns Creek, GA, be aware that if the leak goes on for long enough, a significant amount of water will be wasted, thereby driving up your monthly water bill. Be sure to call your city administration office and let them know what has happened after you have the pipe repaired. They may have a one-time forgiveness policy that you can take advantage of if the bill is extremely high.

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