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Style Options for Your Garage Door

Your garage door affects the look of your house a lot. A plain house can be given a modern facelift. Or, you could opt for a more traditional or even rustic style. Clopay overhead doors have several customization options to give your garage door the perfect style.


Most garage doors are made of metals like steel or aluminum. Depending on the color and design chosen, metal garage doors can look traditional or modern. Faux wood doors are less common and have a more unique and rustic look. A faux wood door can also be an eye-catching accent if the front of your house looks plain.


Faux wood doors usually come in various shades of brown. If you have a wooden front door, try making the garage door’s color match it. The metals come in white, black, and several shades of gray in between. White and lighter grays tend to look more traditional. Dark grays and black have chic, modern look, especially if your house is painted a lighter color. A white house with a black garage door isn’t just modern. It’s also extremely dramatic.


Glass panels can be added to Clopay overhead doors to make them look even more interesting. Add a row of small glass panels to the top of the door for a more traditional look. A line of glass panels down one side of the door looks more modern.


This isn’t an aesthetic feature but it’s still important to think about. Adding insulation to your garage door can keep it warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. In places with milder weather, there may not be much of a difference. But, if you live somewhere with hot summers or freezing winters, you should definitely consider insulating your garage door.

Just making a few simple style choices can give your garage door and the front of your house a unique style. A simple wooden door is the epitome of rustic. A row of windows on a light door looks more traditional. And, an asymmetrical placement of windows with a dark door looks incredibly modern, especially if the front of your house is a light color. With all the different options forĀ Clopay overhead doors, you can even mix and match different attributes with different styles to create your own personal style, making your house as unique as you.

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