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Valuable Tips One Should Follow to Lay Turf in The Lawn

Planning to cover your lawn with greenery? Well, the tips mentioned in this post will help you turn your garden green throughout the year. Firstly, you must know what type of grass will survive in your lawn. You can differentiate grass into several types such as on the basis of survival from sun and shade, or different climatic conditions or depends on the amount of foot traffic in the lawn.

For your lawn it will be suitable to buy garden turf. These days any turf be it the sports turf or the lawn turf you can buy online. The only work you have to do is to find a suitable turf for your garden and place an order. You can also pay for the turf as Cash on delivery and also avail good deals online.

If you want grass that is easy to maintain then prefer one that has non-trailing properties and also these grasses will give your garden an intense and flawless look. For a place where winter dormancy occurs, you can choose warm grass. These grasses are compatible with high foot traffic and do not perish during draught. To set this turf in your lawn you must know how to lay them.

Tips to Lay Turf

  • If you are planning to lay out the turf in your lawn then the preparations should be started one week before. You are suggested to fertilize the ground properly so that turf could get the nourishment. You are also suggested to remove the pebbles and marbles from the soil as these could turn you garden non–uniform and you can use certain tools like rake for this process.
  • The next step you can fill the bare spots with the soil and then make a walk on it with heavy steps to make it uniform. To finalize the ground, you can again make use of rake. Now you can lay down the turf in the lawn. Make sure that the turf is placed perfectly on the edges like tiles on the floor. You can also use a wooden plank if your lawn is large in size to avoid foot traffic on turf.
  • To have a flawless and clean look you can trim the extra edges from the turf. You are suggested to tap the grass properly so that they get joined with the soil. After this give your turf plenty of water. After some weeks the turf will grow into the grass and till then you are suggested not to make leaves dry until the turf evolves into grass completely. You should maintain the grass and trim them when these grasses are 2.5-5 cm long and you can cut 3/4th part of the grass. You can use lawn mowers for this purpose and make your lawn look smooth.

It is suggested to follow these steps to lay the turf perfectly in the lawn. You can buy the turf online as laying it is the simplest method than sowing it.

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