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The Basics of Proper Wine Storage

Don’t be fooled by what you see at generic Italian restaurants and steakhouses: wine shouldn’t be stored in exposed shelves right beside your dining table. There’s precise science behind how high-quality wine is produced, and just as much thought should be put into its storage. Whether you’re a wine enthusiast or an amateur, you should store your wines properly.

An excellent solution for wine storage has arrived in the form of the glass wine cellar in Los Angeles, CA. Contemporary in both design and science, these storage cellars can be custom-made in the wine cellar design of your choice so that you store your wine correctly.

But how should you store your wines for ideal aging? These are the details every wine drinker should know.

The Tastes

There are many different reactions and changes that occur when wine ages, whether or not a bottle has been opened. Wine experts agree across the board that successful wine collecting relies on proper storage. The primary reason that wine needs specialized storage is that it, like many foods, has a shelf life. Wine aging experts know, however, that you can age wine to achieve secondary flavors and richer bouquets, as you can with whiskey and other spirits. However, unlike these strong liquors, wine has insufficient alcohol to preserve it permanently. Simply put, if you don’t age your wines correctly, they’ll go bad.

The Science

Cellaring wine, or storing wine in cellars, is about more than looks. Sure, a glass wine cellar looks elegant and sleek, but if you’re a wine enthusiast, you certainly don’t think of bottles of wine as decor, and they shouldn’t be treated as such. They should be kept away from direct sunlight, and should be stored below room temperature, though above the temperature of the average refrigerator. A wine cellar should store wine in this comfortable, cool climate, and keep the temperature steady, so as to prevent fluctuations that can change the quality of the wine for the worse. This applies to all types of wine from various origins. While you may prefer to chill white wine before serving, it should be stored under these conditions until a short time before serving.

Wine should also be exposed to a certain degree of humidity. However, unless you plan of humidifying and cooling your entire home to a degree that’s uncomfortable for sleeping and relaxation, you’ll need to separate your wine storage from the rest of your home. Hence, the need for a customĀ glass wine cellar in Los Angeles, CA.

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