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A Few Mistakes That You Usually Make with Mouse Traps

Best quality mouse traps are reliable in getting rid of mice and rodents from your office and home. With the right usage you don’t need get help from the pest control. However, most of us make mistakes and end up using the trap wrongly.

As a result, it becomes ineffective and you end up getting frustrated. Your mistakes can be simple and simple mistakes is the reason why your trap does not seem to work properly as you expected it to be. A few changes in the usage and you are great to go. Let us check how to start and bring a positive result in catching the rodents.

Damaging the bait

Touching the mouse trap can entirely ruin the bait as the mouse trap will have your body scent on it. Every human being has got pheromones which has a smell and rodents can understand the smell very well. As soon as they detect pheromones nearby, they become alert and avoid the area all together.

The best way to avoid this is you can wear gloves and place it near the desired location. Set the traps accordingly to the required size, do not adjust the size too much. Moreover, gloves should be disposed after each usage as it reduces the chances of disease transfer.

Using few and wrong traps

One thing you must understand that rodents reproduce very fast. Therefore, once you see a rodent there are chances that you will have few more running inside the house. Therefore, just using one trap will not solve the problem you need to attack with several traps of different sizes.

Not all rodent’s size will be same and in order to make sure it is caught you need to experiment and put number of traps in the entrance and exit of the house. You can check mouse trap reviews before buying one

Giving wrong food baits

As we all know that seeds and nuts are the favorite of rodents. These are the primary foods that they like. Mostly they are enticed by the smell of hazelnut, walnut, peanut and chocolate. High calorie food is very attractive to them.

Therefore, make sure you also put a little chocolate on top of the bait to make it look delicious. Additionally, you must yarn the food with a thread or even dental floss so that when the rodents pull it or tries to gnaw it the spring of the trap springs up and hold the mouse.

Setting the traps in wrong location

Location is a very important thing you must remember while placing the traps. Since rodents love to travel alongside the walls, rather than floor you must keep them by the wall. You can also keep it near your kitchen area or your gate.

These are the spots where rodents are frequent and you must ensure that the trigger of the trap works right and faces a wall. This will make sure that the rodent cannot make sudden escape and remains trapped within the mouse trap. For best results, keep them concealed in a dark place.

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