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Babyproofing Your Home for Your New Walkers

Seeing your kids reach various physical and developmental milestones is such an amazing experience. However, when your kids discover the newfound freedom and the whole other world out there when they start walking, it can be kind of scary for you as a parent. Aside from installing a unique home designs window guard in every window of your home, there are a number of other imperative things you should do to keep your newly toddling child safe.

Get Down to Their Level

The first thing you’ll want to do to babyproof your home for your new walker is to get down on all fours and see what life is like on their level. When you’re standing at regular height, you might be missing some of the key things that a toddler is going to love getting into. Get on all fours and see what the world looks like from their height. You might see cracks in tiles or wood flooring that pose a trip hazard, baseboards that need to be repaired, and chemicals and substances under sinks that need to be either moved or locked away.

Be Wary around Windows

Every year, there are hundreds if not thousands of injuries and fatalities that occur when children fall out of windows. Be sure that as soon as your children are able to start pulling themselves up, you have window guards installed on all the windows. Plan to keep them there until your kids are grown, as accidents can happen at any age.

Navigate with Safety Gates

Safety gates are another key element to consider when keeping your toddler out of harm’s way. Install them at the tops and bottoms of the stairs, and if possible, consider putting one in the doorways to your bathroom and kitchen. These are favorite spots for many toddlers to explore, but they also tend to be the places in the home that have the most potential for danger.

Newly walking kids can be fast and it often only takes seconds for a serious accident to occur. Keeping your kids safe throughout their lives while allowing them the space and freedom to explore their environments is crucial. Simple things such as having a unique home designs window guard installed on each of your windows, whether your child is high enough to reach it or not, can keep your little ones safe from injury or worse.

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