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The Many Uses of Neoprene

Neoprene is everywhere, but not everyone knows what it is. A synthetic rubber renowned for its heat insulation properties, neoprene is electrical resistant as well water resistant. Whether it’s utilized in breathable clothing or in neoprene sheets, this hi-tech material is both versatile and durable. Here are just a few of the uses you’ll find for neoprene fabrics.

The Venerable Wetsuit

If you’ve ever gone surfing, scuba diving, or snorkeling while wearing a wetsuit, odds are very good you were dressed in neoprene. Looking for an artificial substitute for rubber, neoprene was developed by DuPont scientists in 1930. Its ability to retain heat while resisting moisture makes it a perfect material for a wetsuit. Water enters the wetsuit and gets trapped in tiny nitrogen bubbles which keeps the water close to the skin, allowing it to be warmed by the wearer’s body temperature. It’s the unique characteristics of neoprene that allow surfers to stay warm even in January.

Training Weapons

How are expert sword fighters supposed to learn their craft without hurting themselves and others? If you’re a stage actor, you can’t practice with metal swords and knives in rehearsal, so what can you do? Use neoprene weapons! If you’re going to learn how to sword fight, not only is it important that the sword be made of a material that can’t hurt you, it also has to be firm enough to emulate the feeling of swinging a sword. Neoprene has these qualities. Neoprene is commonly used as a material in training weapons because it can feel like real metal without having the sharpness and roughness of real metal.

Workout Equipment

Whether you’re lifting weights or working with machines, neoprene can offer some protection and support in a tough environment. Commonly used as pads in gyms, they can absorb the shock of weights, and comfort for the gym rats using them. Neoprene is also effective when used as the material in knee and elbow pads.

Covers for Electronic Equipment

Electronic equipment can build up a lot of static electricity, so they can vulnerable to damage. Neoprene, however, is resistant to electricity and can act as an insulator between the equipment and the outside world. Used for covering and protecting computers, servers, and audio equipment, neoprene protects both the equipment and its user.

Whether used for clothing or in the form of neoprene sheets, there’s no doubt people will come up with even more clever ways to use neoprene in the future.

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