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Florida Pest Control Company Helps To Exterminate Common Summer Creepy Crawlers

In Florida, summertime offers a perfect heaven for creepy crawlers. The warm temperatures along with humidity tends to increase the activity of pests. Common summer pests, which flock this Sunshine State includes ants, spiders, and termites. They create havoc in your backyard and outdoor get-togethers. Fortunately, you can call a pest control team but sifting a reliable one from the abundance of companies is a challenging task.

Tips to select best pest Control Company

Choose a company –

  • That cares about customers and offers quality services
  • Has knowledgeable and professional field technicians
  • With good and reliable reference
  • That offers reasonable prices
  • Using safe treatment options and products
  • Having appropriate license and certificates

The above tips will help to make an ideal choice for pest treatment. Let’s learn a little more about the common summer pests creating havoc on commercial and residential properties in Florida.

Fire ants

The moment you see tiny nut aggressive red ants moving around your commercial or residential property shouts infestation issue. Fire ants are generally found in big lawns and large open fields because they like to nest in flat, dry, and sunny sites.

They build mounds or dome shaped nests, which are as high as 3 feet. Large colonies hold 250,000 worker ants, who repeatedly sting uninvited intruders. Contact Empire Pest Defense services the moment you see heavy trails of fire ants in your driveway or windows or anywhere around your property. The team visits your place and conducts a detailed inspection before suggesting a pest control solution.

Drywood termites

These pesky critters prefer to establish their colonies above ground level and in wood. It means your commercial and residential doors, window, furniture, and fences are at risk from infestation of drywood termites. You can identify its presence through fecal pellets. Call pest control team instantly.


Whiteflies got its name from white, waxy substance covering their bodies and wings. They are just like small moths in shape and size. Garden plants are vulnerable to whiteflies. You will find white spirals on the bottom side of the leaves, where they lay eggs and suck sap. This is a sign for whitefly infestation and call pest Control Company.

Chinch bugs

These small black pests damage your plants and lawns. If you see large brown or yellow patches around your landscape means there is chinch bug infestation. It is a warning sign to seek professional help.


Spiders lurk in dark and cool places. They spin web and trap food. In Florida, majority of spider varieties are totally harmless but two notable ones are Black widow spider and Brown recluse spider. Both are known for their venomous or poisonous bite. They only bite when they feel threatened as a form of self-defense.

Bed bugs

In summer bed bugs are a problem in Florida. These nocturnal, tiny pests feed on blood. They get transported form one place to another via unsuspecting travelers. When you see blood spots on bed sheets or odor of ripened raspberries then it is time to call professional exterminator.


These bothersome tiny insects are notorious in sucking blood leaving behind red and itchy bumps. These are also responsible to transmit diseases like yellow fever, malaria, dengue, etc.

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