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Why Purchase a Bath and Shower Combo?

When remodeling a bathroom, a homeowner may be faced with deciding between installing a tub or shower. However, installing a tub and shower gives a homeowner the best of both worlds. Rather than compromising by choosing one or the other, homeowners should simply install a bath and shower combination.


Though bathtubs use a lot of water and bathing in a tub can be very time consuming, bathtubs still have lots of benefits. Namely, bathtubs are ideal for relaxation and soothing muscles, the combination of which may help to speed along healing process. For example, a homeowner with an active lifestyle may often come home with sore muscles. This person will not get as much use out of a shower in order to soothe their muscles. After all, Epsom salt soaks are much more useful in the tub.

Bathtubs are also more useful for those with children. It is easier to bathe a child and to teach a child to bathe themselves using a bathtub.  Parents can monitor the child, they can even bathe more than one child at a time if necessary.


Taking showers can be very quick, which is useful when on the go. A bathtub may not be as helpful if the homeowner is late. Waiting for the tub to fill can take up valuable time, but a shower can be as simple as turning the water on and hopping in! Quick showers also help to minimize the amount of water wasted.

Showers typically involve less cleanup than showers as well. Baths may leave a ring on the tub that the homeowner has to wash off later. However, showers can be maintained with daily shower sprays that fight lime and calcium buildup, which means that thorough cleanings can occur less.

Showers also provide easy access for those with mobility issues. Rather than stepping into the tub, sitting, standing and then getting out of the tub, the homeowner can simply stand in the shower after stepping in. There are also many walk in options that make access easy.

Bath and Shower Combo

A bath and shower combo will allow the homeowner to capitalize on all of the aforementioned benefits without having to choose one option over the other. Bath and shower combos even have walk in options for those that may have issues climbing into the tub. While there are some that wish to purchase and install their bathtub separate from their shower, purchasing and installing a combination is much more affordable.

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