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Global Benefits of Using Video Translation Services

It’s no secret that the digital age has changed the way you reach your customers. You may not realize the true impact technology has on your ability to reach a broader customer base. So, you’ve spent a significant amount of time and creative energy developing video content. You’re ready to include video in your marketing toolbox. Congratulations! But what if there was a way you could reach even more people with your amazing videos? If you’ve not explored the world of video marketing any further than the borders of your native language, you’re missing out. Read on to learn the benefits of using video translation services and get ready to go global.

Be Prepared for the Future of the Internet

The internet never stops evolving and it seems like every day brings a new twist to the way businesses use the internet to get their messages in front of customers. Cisco predicts that by 2019, “80% of global internet consumption will be video content.” Whether your platform is YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or live streaming from your website, you have a vast amount of opportunity to reach both existing and new customers. People all over the world have access to the internet and that number is still growing. If you’re not already using video, don’t wait any longer to get on-board. If you are publishing video content, keep reading to see how you can increase your impact.

We Love Watching Videos

People have not grown tired of video. A recent HubSpot survey reveals that on average, individuals view 1.5 hours of video content per day. Fifteen percent of survey respondents watch over 3 hours on a typical day. Businesses respond to this customer love affair with video content by expanding the way they use video to market products. Whether it’s a sales message or an explainer video, businesses are witnessing an increase in sales by using video content. Because communication online takes place in this growing global environment, it’s important not just to create awesome content, but to create content in the language each viewer understands.

Boost Your Impact

English is a language understood in a large part of the world, but it’s certainly not a universal language. Consider the expected growth in the use of video over the next few years. This is an unprecedented opportunity for you to make your message and your brand stand out in the crowd. Most businesses don’t bother with multiple languages, limiting the audience they reach. By using video translation services, you can tap into a market that many businesses ignore. Look at it through the lens of the consumer. You prefer to purchase products when the marketing message is in your language. Your potential customers are no different. Don’t let your fantastic video content be limited in its impact. Go global with your message in every language.

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