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Reasons to Rent Crane Mats

Using heavy equipment on a construction site can be difficult and sometimes downright dangerous for multiple reasons. Crane mats are a perfect way to make using and moving construction vehicles safer and easier. But, buying a crane mat isn’t always the best option. This is why there are crane mats for rent.

Protect Ground

The sheer weight of various construction vehicles can wreak havoc on the ground. Flora can be disturbed and killed. Dirt may shift to create artificial paths. Buried objects like wires and pipes can be damaged or dug up. A mat will pack down the dirt a bit but it will keep the dirt in a similar place to where it was before construction began. The plants underneath the mat may be flattened but they won’t be uprooted and killed. Most will spring back up once construction is over. Utility lines will be kept safely underneath the ground as well.

Provide Stable Path

Sometimes it’s hard to find stable ground to drive a construction vehicle on. The site may be uneven. Or, the ground may be too soft. With unstable ground comes the risk of a vehicle getting stuck or even tipping over. This, in turn, can lead to the equipment being damaged. Even worse, it could lead to someone getting hurt. Crane mats provide a stable place for construction vehicles to drive over, eliminating the risk and worry associated with uneven or unstable ground.

Renting is Better

Crane mats can be useful on some projects but when the project is done they can become a hindrance. If you only use mats once in a blue moon, it doesn’t make sense to buy them. And, you have to find room to store them where they’re protected from the elements so they last longer. Crane mat rentals are the perfect solution. Renting a mat means you only have to worry about taking care of it for as long as you need it. Once the project you need it for is done, you can give it back and that’s that. Renting is also cheaper than buying a mat, so it’s great for cutting costs as well.

Crane mats for rent can solve many of the problems associated with using heavy construction vehicles. They protect the ground from being disturbed by the vehicles and they give the vehicles a safe path to drive on. And, once you’re done with the mats, you can give them back instead of having to take up precious space to store mats you may never use again.

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