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Gifts That Are Sure To Make Mom Laugh

On top of making your mom feel loved, make her laugh too with your next gift. Think outside the box and give her something that she can use and that she will enjoy every time she looks at it. You know your mom better than almost anyone else so think about what would make her giggle. If you’re struggling, here are a few gifts for mom ideas that she is sure to love.

Witty Coffee Mug

Does your mama love her coffee? If so, she probably could use another mug, especially from her favorite child. There is no end to the variety of coffee mugs available for purchase. Choose one with a witty phrase will make her laugh with each sip. You can’t go wrong with a “super mom’s club” mug to let her know that she is, in fact, a super mom. This is perfect for one of this years’ Mother’s Day gifts.

Funny Phrase Facemask

Any woman can benefit from a facemask. Your mom’s beauty sleep comes easier when the room is pitch black and she’s comfy with her mask on. Make this gift even better by choosing a facemask that has a funny phrase on it. A few examples sure to make her giggle every time she puts it on include, “go ask your dad” and “tired as a mother.”

Personalized Flask

Sometimes your mom just needs a drink and more importantly, she needs something to keep her liquor in if she is on the go. A personalized flask is a useful gift that can also be used to put a smile on her face. Is there a funny nickname she has? Or perhaps she would respond better to a phrase like “Mama’s Juice,” on her new flask. Be creative and funny by adding the right phrase to a flask for your mom. You are the reasons she drinks, remember?

Your mom gave you the gift of life, the least you can do is get creative with gifts for her. Gifts for mom don’t have to be boring or expected. Instead, buy a gift that will make your mom laugh. A gift that brings her joy is well worth what you spend, or more. Go with one of the gifts suggested above or use them as inspiration when you need a gift for the best lady in your life.

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