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Reline Pipes with Pipe Relining Solutions

When you have a sewer pipe on your property that has been destroyed is older, it is vital to change it before it bursts and cause a costly, big mess. ┬áThe old way of fixing these pipes is very messy and costly – the pipes are dug up, and anything sitting above (including your concrete footpaths or wonderful garden) is damaged in the process. The real pipe would then be changed where necessary.

Pipe relining has changed this full process. It is quicker, easier and more cost-friendly now. There is no need for costly and long digging operations; the pipe is fixed from the inside, and the resulting pipe is more hard and more durable than ever before.

How pipe relining works

When we come out and perform pipe relining, the process is very affordable than the traditional way of doing things. The old way would mean digging up the destroyed pipes, no matter where they were placed. There would be damage to your outdoor fixtures, landscaping, your driveways or sometimes even the home itself. With sewer relining, there is no need for digging as little holes are made at either end of the section of pipe that needs changing, and the repair is made that way.

Reasons for pipe relining

Trenchless sewer repairs may be required because of older pipes that have become vulnerable and think, but often it is due to tree roots. As the roots seek out source of water, they will violently spread out towards the pipes and can end up breaking through the seams and growing within the pipe. Trenchless pipe relining will get rid of the roots and seal any entrances so they are no longer an issue.

How does trenchless pipe relining work?

Assess the damage

First we put a CCTV camera down the drain to assess the problem and view if it is appropriate for relining. You can actually view the situations of your drain before any work is performed.

Clear the drain

The drain is cleaned using a high force water jet, ready for relining.

Reline the pipe using trenchless technology

Next, a flexible, seamless textile liner is cut to length and soaked in environmentally secure resin. It is then inserted into the drain using compressed air. The inside of the pipe is fully lined.

Cure the resin

To support the resin cure more fast, we pump warm water via the liner. Most jobs can be done in less than one day.

You get video footage of the pipe after and before pipe relining

The result is a fully new pipe within the old one. This pipe within a pipe is hundred percent watertight, powerful than PVC pipe, and has an increased flow rate matched to most existing pipes.

By relining your sewer pipes and water lines, we can extend the service life of your full plumbing system well into the future. This will keep you from having to invest in a full repiping for your property. After we reline your home, your plumbing system will be better capable to provide for your family requirements and your property will be better protected from leaks and big damage.

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