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Getting Help Repairing Your Garage Door

Usually when you’re seeking help for garage door service repair, it’s due to a sudden event, not a predictable failure over time. Garage door springs break suddenly, teenagers learning to drive still put the car in reverse, not forward, or some other unforeseen event damages your door. When that happens, here are some thing you should consider when you are seeking help.

We Have a Problem

Your garage door is damaged. First, determine the reason unless it’s painfully obvious, and check to be sure nothing else could happen before you get help. Next, look at the door’s hardware to see if you can find anything that might be wrong. Sometimes things are not immediately obvious, like a bent track, or damaged roller, but to the extent possible, see what you can find. Be careful of the torsion spring. Unless that it the actual problem, it could still be stressed from the event.

Get Help

Honestly, most homeowners don’t have their garage door repair person’s name right on hand. Likely you’ll be doing an internet search looking for a company, then checking the reviews, and finally asking them to come buy for an assessment and quote. You should be comfortable with your interaction with the service provider, get all your questions answered, get a time frame for the repair, and be sufficiently satisfied with the quote. If you’re not happy with all of this, move on.

The Repair

If at all possible you should be available and home when the repair is done. This is especially important if more problems are discovered during the process. That way you will know what happened and why. If your garage door spring in Lansing, MI, was part of or the primary problem, understanding what happened and why is very important. Once the repair is complete you should be happy with the results and have a full accounting of the outcome in your bill.

Going Forward

So now, assuming you’re pleased with the outcome, you have the name of a professional you know and trust. Lean on them! If you have repaired one garage door, but have two or three, have them inspected. Get some tips on what to look for when you check your garage doors, and make a point to check them periodically.

Securing a garage door service repair requires knowing what to look for and ask for, so keep this information handy for the future.

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