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Reasons to Get a Shower Bath Combo

You may think your current bath and shower combo is fine. If everyone in your house is able-bodied and somewhat young, it is. But, if you have disabled or elderly people living in your house, you should have a walk-in bath shower combo. Walk-in combos are better for the elderly and disabled for several reasons.


There are many everyday activities that are dangerous for the disabled and elderly. A sad fact of life for people who are elderly or disabled is that they don’t have the same range of motion the average person does. This makes things like lifting their legs over the high sides of a regular bathtub or getting on and off the tub floor difficult or impossible. And, attempting to do these things anyway can cause injury. Another increased danger and one that applies to the elderly more than the disabled is the possibility of a slip. Anyone can slip and fall in the bathroom but the consequences of a fall are more serious for the elderly. Their weaker bones are easier to break than the bones of a younger person. Several features of walk-in shower bath combos minimize these risks. The low step makes it easier to get in and out of the shower. The handle helps you keep your balance and minimize the chance of a fall. The door and high seat make it so you can take a bath without having to lower yourself to the floor.

More Comfortable

Comfort is also an important aspect of a bath and shower combo. Standing for the duration of a shower can be extremely painful for some people. Having a seat in the shower makes the experience more comfortable. Another cause of discomfort is having to turn and bend to let the water reach every part of you. This is why all walk-in shower and tub combos have the option to include a handheld wand so you don’t have to contort your entire body to get the water to flow where you want it to. A more luxurious comfort feature is the option to have jets in the tub. Jets can help soothe muscle pain and relax you. They’re perfect for unwinding after a long day.

Safety and comfort are two extremely important things. This is why every bath and shower combo has many options that make your bathing experience safer and more comfortable. With a walk-in combo, you can stop worrying about these things and enjoy a nice relaxing bath or shower.

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