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Characteristics That You Must Look for While Buying Sheepskin Rugs

You can certainly add luxury to your home by choosing beautiful sheepskin rugs with a plush texture. However, when you go to market then you will find so many different varieties and it becomes quite difficult to make proper choice.

Following are few characteristics that you need to check while choosing any sheep skin rugs.

  • Wool density and loft

The amount of wool content per square inch is known as the density of the wool and usually if you look at any premium grade of rugs, its wool density is pretty high. That is because it uses certain special breed of sheep’s wool. The loft is the ability to stay straight and upright. Any quality sheepskin rug will not get flatten easily.

  • Wool length

Any premium grade rug will use wool length of minimum 65 mm in order to achieve proper wool density. If it is lower grade of sheepskin, its length will not be much and it won’t be dense enough. You will not find better loft ness and rug will look shaggy

  • Color

If it is high quality sheep skin then its color will have natural ivory tone and it will not get discolored or catch any stain easily. You will not find any visible imperfection and offer clean look.

  • Feel

Any high-quality sheepskin will offer soft and silky feel and you will get a luxurious comfort while walking on them. Whether you place it in your living room or in your bedroom you will get a happy feeling particularly during chilly nights. You can feel the difference by comparing any lower end sheepskin with any higher end one. The leather attached underside the sheepskin rug is also equally important. Make sure that it is free from cracks, holes, odors or any other defects.

  • Texture and thickness

Premium grade sheepskin rugs are quite thick at the same time you feel soft. Any good quality of rug from Australian sheepskin will be very well polished and buffed. Lower grade quality can be easily identified with their texture.

  • Free of defects

If you check very minutely then you will find a number of visible defects like cracks, holes, scratches and other visible defects underside in any lower grade of sheepskin. You will not notice such defects in premium quality grade rugs.

  • Smell

You will never find any smell of chemicals from any premium grade of sheepskin rugs. Mostly such smell can be found in lower quality of rugs and the smell comes due to their tanning process.

  • Size

You will find most of the premium quality of sheepskin rugs are of larger dimensions and they are uniformly shaped all throughout. Any budget grade rugs are usually of smaller size and it is not difficult to distinguish.

  • Full shape

Shape of the rug is also important and therefore you must look for such sheepskin rugs which has got rounded neck area with full shape. You will find the lower quality of rug will be thinner and longer.

Now armed with above knowledge, you can easily distinguish between premium quality and ordinary quality of rugs.

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