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6 Tips for Aspring Wine Collectors

Do you love wine? Do you get a thrill every time you discover some amazing new type of varietal you didn’t even know existed? If this sounds like you, you’ve likely considered collecting wine. Building your own wine collection is one of the most rewarding hobbies you can have, but you’ll want to do it right. Before looking into a wine cellar contractor in LosAngeles, CA, here are a few things you should know.

1. You’ll Need a Little Extra Money

Collecting wine doesn’t have to be outlandishly expensive, but to do it correctly, you won’t want to cut corners. In addition to the wine itself, you’ll have to store it in such a fashion that it improves with age, and that means investing in a wine cellar or wine wall. Check out wine cellar contractors in Orange County, CA, to see which type of storage method works best for you.

2. Organize Your Wine

There are few things more frustrating than knowing the wine you want to drink, and not being able to find it. Come up with a method of storage that makes it easy to locate the bottle you want when you want it.

3. Make Sure the Wine is Worth Storing

Do some research to make sure you’re collecting wine that improves with age. There are no guarantees, but if the wine seller says you should drink the wine now, trust them. If a wine is supposed to peak in 3 years, make a note of that so you’ll drink it when it’s ready.

4. Save Your Paperwork

Recording all the initial information of your wine purchase – where you bought it, at what price, at what age it should mature – will ensure you don’t hold on a wine for too long, or is drunk too early, and will be valuable information for making future purchases.

5. Appraise Your Collection

As wine markets go up and down, it’s good to know the value of your collection. Also, this knowledge is important for insurance purposes, so you’re protected in case of an accident.

6. Let Your Wine Rest

Showing off your wine is fun, but if you’re constantly grabbing your most valuable bottles to pass around the room, you’re not letting it mature. Valuable wine is sensitive, so let it rest.

Before collecting, remember that it all begins with storage. Once you’ve consulted with a wine cellar contractor in Orange County, CA, and they’ve built the cellar of your dreams, let the hardcore wine collecting begin!

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