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Birthday Gift Ideas for the Hard-To-Shop-For Mom

Your mom is amazing, and it’s her birthday, and she’s hard to shop for. You want to let your mother know how special she is on her special day, but where do start? Here are some ideas on how to say “happy birthday, mom” in your own way.

For the Picky Mom

Your mom has a unique sense of style. She never seems to find anything in the store that she likes, takes forever to pick something out, and then promptly returns it. Never fear, there are still some great gift ideas for the pickiest of mothers.

One way to gauge what she would like is to see what she already has. Does she have an old purse, set of shoes, hat, etc that is a little worse for wear? See about repairing or replacing something you know she already likes. If you’re feeling brave you could add a small new twist to the upgrade, like a new color. You can look into a custom-made gift, which caters to the most eclectic of tastes.

For the Mom Who Doesn’t Want Gifts

You’ve probably heard the “I have enough stuff” or “I don’t want anything” speech repeatedly. But you want to show her you care, and giving a gift she will appreciate is important, you just have to be creative about the type of gift you give.

If your mom says she has too much stuff, consider getting her a dinner at a nice restaurant, a massage, a food delivery service, etc. She will appreciate the gesture, and appreciate not having one more thing to dust. You can give a hand written letter, a play that your kids perform for her in the living room, or stopping by every day for coffee the week of her birthday with flowers.

For the Mom Who Has Everything

Your mom likes receiving gifts. She likes receiving them so much that she now has everything she could possibly want or need. Even if your mom has everything, the good news is that there still is something you can find for her.

Take her out to lunch and give her a gift card to go shopping together at her favorite store. You can find a unique quirk or sense of humor gift that will bring a smile to her face. Monogrammed gifts are unique and personal. Bet she doesn’t have a flask, wine glass, blanket, or any of a hundred different items you can get with her name on it. Whatever gift you choose to say “happy birthday mom,” your mother will know that you are saying it with love.

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