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Every Dog Deserves a Home

You Want a Dog

Since you were a small child you’ve always wanted a dog. You grew-up visiting friend’s houses who had dogs, but you lived in an apartment that didn’t allow pets. You could ride your bike through the neighborhood and see other kids playing fetch and rolling in the leaves with their dogs but someone in your family had an allergy, so you could never have one of your own. Now, years later, college is over and kids of your own will soon be a reality and you want them to have the experience that you never had, an experience that will enrich the lives of everyone in the household. Dog ownership is more than just a possibility now, it’s destiny. Now you just need some information about dogs. What breed will best suit your lifestyle and why? Where do you buy a dog? Should you get a young dog or an old dog?

Adopting a Pet

You can find most of what you need in regard to information about dogs on the internet, but there are a few intangible things that you will also need to know. A dog that needs rescuing is the most loyal friend you will ever know. They may not always be the prettiest, or the exact breed you had in mind when you decided you wanted a dog, but they’ll be more appreciative than you could imagine. Appreciation is a very human emotion, and some will tell you that a dog cannot truly appreciate anything because they are just dogs. Ask anyone who has enjoyed the rewards of rescuing a dog in need, whether it was from a shelter or a local humane society and they will tell you that there is no doubt that dogs can show appreciation.

What Breed of Dog?

If you are new to the dog game and were thinking of procuring a dog of a certain breed, specific dog information is a necessity. For instance if you are a bird hunter, you might want a Springer Spaniel, or a Lab. Many people aren’t aware that Springers are extremely hyper and needy beasts. They require extra attention, or they may lash-out and chew things that you may not want chewed, especially when you’re gone. Consequently, Labs are outstanding in-home dogs that unfortunately appear to be mentally challenged the first few years of their lives. A mutt is a mix of breeds and may show attributes from any of the dogs in its lineage.

Take Care of Your Dog

Maybe the most important information about dogs can be found right on the dogs. Whatever breed or type of dog you choose, make sure to visit your local vet and have the dog spayed or neutered. Register your dog where necessary and have tags made for identification and vaccine information. Also, look into having a microchip implanted in the dog in case your beloved is ever lost or worse yet stolen. A chip is the fastest and easiest way to get Fido back home to you safely.

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