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Climb into Your Safe Haven

As we age, it’s important to remain safe in our comings and goings. This includes our bathing moments. That’s where a bathtub shower combo comes into play for a safe, relaxing bathing experience. A shower with railings enables you to step in with ease so you can stand or sit, whatever your heart’s delight. A bathtub shower enables you one simple system for showering or bathing with all of the accessories to offer you peace of mind and pleasure.

Begin with an Anti-slip Surface

All bathtub and shower systems come with a reliable anti-slip surface to keep you from tumbles and falls. Built-in grab bars and a wider-opening of the shower door offers you additional gentle reassurance. Relax in a mold resistant, gel coated environment with an anti-scald technology. Finish your bath with a powerful, quick-rinse drain providing a smooth conclusion to your amazing showering experience.

Experience from Head to Toe Revitalized

It’s time to pacify your tired and achy bones with remarkable massaging hydro jets and aromatherapy. Ten intensely exhilarating hydro jets will make you feel like a new person, relieving all your worries and concerns. A spa-like bathtub shower combo will include dual rainfall shower heads with a luxurious rainforest-like calming. As water flows tenderly over you, remember you can also take a seat as needed and utilize a hand-held shower wand for your convenient enjoyment during rinsing. Sit and simply relax in a perfect benched seating area. An adjustable headrest and a heated seat back will comfort your every bathing moment. Further benefits of aromatherapy and chromotherapy will keep you in the spa mode. Relaxing foot jets will massage your feet and take all remaining stress away.

MicroSoothe and Rejuvenate Your Skin

For those who are suffering from dry, rough, or damaged skin, look no further than the bathtub shower system with an amazing MicroSoothe feature offering you pure exfoliation, hydration, and a fresh, clean body. Miraculous micro-bubbles do wonders for your sensitive skin’s pores, eliminating troubles and toxins, while renewing oxygen within your skin. Refresh and bring youth back to your aging body. Your skin will become silky and soft again.

Choose an All-in-One Bathtub Shower Combo

Purchase an all-in-one package from your online provider today, offering you pure luxury, comfort, and secure, happy bathing. Rest your mind into a happy place with every safety feature imaginable and reliable installation. Your bathtub shower combo will be just the ticket to enable you to relax and unwind.

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