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Few Things That You Will Need in Order to Take Up Painting Job

Are you interested to do painting job? In that case, you need to shop for few things so that it can help you to do the job faster and better. Before you start your DIY project of painting your room, you need to get all the supplies first. If you are a novice painter then soon you will realize that your decision-making process does not end by choosing just the right color of the paint. There are few other choices that you need to consider. So, we will try to share all these in this small write-up.

In the beginning of your DIY project, you have to prepare your wall before you start applying paint on them. Next you have to plan for following painting supplies that you will need for the project.

Paint Brushes / Rollers

Following are few paint brushes that you will need for your project:

  1. In order to paint in straight line on ceiling, windows, doors and on the woodworks, you will need angled brush which is better than painter’s tape. Angled brush will help you to paint quickly and therefore you must buy a good quality brush that will make lots of difference in your painting.
  2. Any roller covers along with handle.
  3. A small craft brush which is usually used for art and craft can be purchased in bulk quantity from a craft store. These brushes can be very useful for painting lines in the window or door sides. Also, for few hard to reach areas, such brushes can be useful.

Painting Trays

Trays and containers will be very essential during painting work. You can prefer to use a metal tray without any liner so that rollers can be used. If you want to trim any smaller areas then use smaller brushes. You can even use disposable plastic cups or containers so that it can be easily carried while you are on the ladder.

Tarps & Plastics

While painting, there is always a chance that it can get messy, particularly if any carpets or furniture are present in the room that can get messy with paint. Therefore, you will need tarps or plastic sheets to cover them so that no paint mark may appear on them. For floor you can use cloth tarps so that it can quickly absorb paint and will not be slippery like plastic.

Ladder & Step Stool

You will need a stable ladder or stool so that you can easily access the area which is much above the range where your hand can move very freely. They should be stable and safe so that you can work safely without worrying about your falling down.


There is always a chance while carrying out painting jobs, certain amount of paint may either fall on the floor which need to be cleaned immediately before it dries. A piece of old towel will be good enough for that.

Radio and/or Cell Phone

While you are painting, you also need some kind of music or recreation so that it can help you remain energized.

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