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What Are the Different Types of Advantages of Bone Conduction?

Today, different brands of headphones are available in the market. There is also no dearth of designs of headphone that includes designs such as canal buds, earbuds, lightweight headphones, full-size headphones etc. Most of us have used some of these types. If you are in the market to find one for yourself, then this article will give you information about the advantages of the recent headphone design that you may not have tried before. It is bone conduction.

What Is meant by Bone Conduction?

In order to be heard, sound vibration reaches to the cochlea or inner side of the ear. This is how conventional headphones: aka air conduction headphone operates. Bone conduction has a different method of hearing. In place of sending sound vibrations via the eardrums, it sends them via cheekbones into the cochleas that bypass the eardrum.

This technology has been used since several decades. One of the best applications of it is in manufacturing of hearing aids. is a South Africa based company that provides authentic and informative reviews and guides for home and technology related services and products to its worldwide customers.

How does bone conduction headphone differ from traditional headphones? is one of the best places to find superior quality bone conduction headphones. Traditional headphones transmit sound via the eardrums. On the contrary, headphones based on bone conduction transmit sound via the bones present in the skull. In place of speakers, these headphones have got transducers that transmit sound vibrations via cheekbones to cochleas.

It lets eardrums free so that they can take sound from the surroundings. So, with bone conduction headphones, you will just not hear your favorite music but also keep your eardrums open to listen to surrounding nature sounds too. This, in turn, saves you from potential risks and dangers.

Benefits of headphones based on bone conduction technology

Increased Situational Awareness

It is a habit of many people to immerse them in listening to their recent playlist or playing an interesting audiobook. This gives them an escape while running, walking, driving or cycling. It also increases the chance of meeting with an accident. Bone conduction headphones do not let you shut yourself from the outside world. As there are no speakers that run over or inside your ears, you can enjoy music while being constantly aware of the danger.

More Comfortable Fit

Users complain about the headphones as they are uncomfortable. They either fallout from the ears or hurt ear canals. If your full-size headphones feel very heavy, then switch to bone conduction headphone. Designed to be light and comfortable, these headphones leave your ears free. So, there are no chance of facing the above types of discomfort.

Unique Listening Experience

Bone conduction headphones are based on a unique double-layered technology that offers a high-quality audio listening experience. These headphones neither sits inside the ears nor over the ears. This leaves your eardrums completely open to the environment.


Bone conduction headphones have countless benefits over the traditional ones that make them superior to them.  If you value safety, comfort, and sensational audio quality, then bone conduction headphones are the best choice.

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