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Services Offered by Quick Key

There are many times when one may find themselves in need of locksmithing services. It is all too easy to lock keys inside of a house or car leaving people with little to no options. Quick Key offers Concord, CA locksmith service for a variety of situations.

General Locksmith Services

New lock installation is probably the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of a locksmith. While Quick Key does offer new lock installation for residential homes, vehicles, gates and a variety of other things, they also offer a large variety of other services. Those owning homes may want to look into the residential locksmithing services offered by Quick Key. The experts at Quick Key are able to help homeowners design their own residential security systems using trusted security brands. These security systems will not only ensure that the locks on the home are secure, but it may also include things like door viewers, home intercom systems and home safes. Similarly, Quick Key provides commercial locksmithing services for businesses in order to protect them from intruders. These services primary include master keying, which involves only creating a limited number of keys that can open every lock. This will allow those with keys to open necessary locks while restricted access to other areas. They can also help to install electronic access systems to certain areas.

Rekeying Services

While new locks and keys can be purchased and duplicated at stores like Wal-Mart and Home Depot, this may not always be the best option. It can present quite a learning curve for the average person to replace their own locks. In addition to this, it is always safer to have an expert install locks, which are integral to the security of a home or business. The experts at Quick Key can also adjust locks in a facility or business to operate on a master key system. This can help the business to save both time and money.

Emergency Lockouts and Car Services

Quick Key provides a Concord, CA locksmith service that is unmatched by competitors. Not only do they provide 24 hour emergency lockout services¬† 24 hours, but they are committed to a 15 minute response time for these services. Once they arrive, not only will the problem be diagnosed and the lock opened, but they will ensure the customer’s safety before leaving the scene. Emergency lockouts are not just for vehicles, but may also include safes and homes.

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